About Repetition

I was sitting on the couch
the day it happened. It was easy,
not difficult or difficult
the way it had been
back in the dark ages.

I lived in and through them and emerged
out of their ashes like a painted bird
painted on some bright girl’s bright shoulder
but not the shoulder the girl with no birds
used to smack and play blame games with
back when she only had shadows to paint.

I was sitting on the couch dreaming up birds
and painting my sky red because it was not grey
that I wanted.


Ministry - Dream Song

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
Dream Song

When you're dreaming you're alive..

The dreams are back once more and infinite and our thin reasoning gives way to the ground. This has always been. There I was over me as I ran for cover, the lines forming in. But I was already there.

Well I had this dream last night, I was like, I was lying on my like, stupid uncomfortable bed that um, it was like really hot, like, start of summer and hot. It’s really hot, and I had like, like no fan, or anything. You know fine, and I had this weirdest, weirdest, weirdest, like nightmare; you know how you have some nightmares when they’re like, they’re like dreams; but they’re not dreams, they’re like real? You know and, like you feel, it felt alive. When you’re dreaming you feel alive, when you’re dreaming. And I had this dream when this angel came up, just like, up my fire escape. ‘Cause I don't have bars on my windows, cause I don't believe in bars on windows. And she was there in my room, just lying there. She came and she kissed me, and I woke up, and I must have come.
Do you believe in angels?


Happy Friday!



Nerve receptors were dancing
on my skin when it freaked out.
News came at me,
called itself information.
Truthfully, I care little for truth.

I suffer from asphyxiaphobia sensitivity.
Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

There is no cure.
Just air.